Monday, 26 November 2018


Nudes turn a home into chaotic scene in Mtwapa. What followed you won't believe it.

After a series of tracking and following up, final the lady came into agreement of what she had been hearing about her husband. This beautiful morning the erupts of misunderstanding were heard from not far from my place.
It took some time and the vigorous it grew, attention of bypasses and onlookers was captured.
The story was, the man was sent some nudes that the wife so them. This time the man had no way out to evade the story just like he always do.
As a man he tried cooling her down before leaving for work but what happened afterwards its a menace.
See the pictures below for yourself.

Was it so important for her to do this before fleeing? 
Why should married men still have the heart of a hyena and yet they have someone at home?!

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