Monday, 3 December 2018


Kikwetu night opens doors for young entrepreneurs. Its now official Kilifi County has some untaped Talents and potentials. See a glimpse of what happened during the Kikwetu Famous Night.

The end month of November, 2018 is day that will leave to be remembered by many in the coastal line. The biggest ever happened event went down and shuttered all businesses into a stand still. 
Few young innovative entrepreneurs come together and decided to build some remarkable memories in the minds of majority. What came into a surprise was how and why such youths as they are well known for the dotcom kinda life, wearing and embracing the Traditional culture as their main area of concern. Why and how were the main questions that lingered in "our" minds. Deep down was the hidden theme that most couldn't crake without the help of the event organizers, to me I call them champs of ideas.
A group of five sat down drew their drawing board up and wisely, and the theme "Kikwetu Festival" came up. It all had to grasp the traditional idea of the mijikenda culture, be it bangles, the mahandos, the kishutu, ear rings and many more. That in their mind would sparkle a colourful scene that would not only be attractive to the eyes of many but also promote the local tourism as they expected visitors of all ethnicity backgrounds.
As expected, the event was a success. Imagine planning and executing your ideas to the proximity?! Success was the event other name. Everything went as planned.
Cultural show and exhibition was engraved and many were seen in traditional garments matching in and around the venue. Artists were welcomed onboard and performed their favourites tunes to the crowded event that almost saw thousands of people present. The guest artist Arrow Buoy also killed the show as always. 
Talking to the event manager and organizer mr. Director Ndoro, he took to us the major ideas that made his event a success pointing out of good working team that worked tirelessly day and night to make everything a day to remember. He again promised of a bigger Kikwetu Event that will see a merge of cultures in mind to promote tha local tourism and exhibition of African Culture. A guest artist this time will surprise many as something bigger is set to happen.
If you missed the biggest event here are some  pictures:

At Sunset Media we cordially wish them all the best in this and many more events yet to come. We would embrace any invite given to our team and we will work our hearts out to make anything a success. Thank you and all the best TEAM.

We humble give credits to the event organizers, Director Ndoro and Team, the decoration master Dada Masika, 
Boss radio for airing and hyping the event, Mc Dhaaz and Mc Mike, you guys are a blessing to the industry.
Photographer of the day went to Gaze Photography who we today enjoy the beautiful scenery of the event and all who come through.
Thank you and God bless you.

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