Tuesday, 24 April 2018


Boniface Mwangi tears the deputy president apart in one statement. See how the conversation got heated.

I call him a patriotic Kenyan. One activist who is a no nonsence guy. His name is Boniface Mwangi.
His name alone reminds Kenyans of the work he has invold himself into, one famous act is that of blocking Mwingi West MP on the road who was driving on the wrong side of the road.
When comes to demonstrations he has been an ever present candidate so long as it means fighting for deliberation of Kenyans.

Through his political ambitions, he has developed to be a celebrated socio-political activist who points out mistakes and offer solutions instead.

In his twitter account this afternoon, he attacked the deputy president who sources claim he is the one owning the company making concrete poles that are used to replace the wooden electricity poles.
This is the tweet he pulled on his wall: -

Was Boniface Mwangi confirming to the public that indeed Ruto owns the firm? If yes why was he awarded the tender in the first place?!

Leave your comment on the same.

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