Sunday, 10 June 2018


Kenyans call upon Chipukeezy to nominate Wanja Mwaura to deputize him at the latest Nacada nominations.

Wanja Mwaura caught the eyes of many Kenyans when she was spotted enjoying and posing for some pictures with a dirty man who after sometime came to be understood to be a long childhood friend who had endorsed himself into drugs.
Single handedly, Wanja took Patrick into rehab who ever since he recovered. Since that day Wanja has grew some passion into helping the drug addicts. She has helped many through her initiative something that has made her known both internal and external Kenya.
She was recently featured in BBC News due to her zeal to help the addicts.
She is currently calling upon well wishers and friends who are willing to help her achieve the desire of her heart.
You can reach her through the social media platforms. The handle in twitter is @wanjamwaura3

Visit her pages and see the marvelous work she is doing.

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