Friday, 13 April 2018


Mwalimu Dida and many Kenyans who reacted to the #IFIKIEWAZAZI Hashtag that was used to expose the youths. Click to see their reactions and the pictures used.

Many a times we have seen the social media platforms  used to speak the mind of the public and pushing till something done. We all experienced the arrest of a man who had taken pictures of defiling the minors in a bush, something that was raised and followed upon on social media till he was brought to books.

Being one of the tools used to pass information, social media has again come to be the main platform where one can easily reach the targeted group with ease. This was experienced yesterday where the youths found themselves in center of a limbo.
The behavior of taking photographs and post them in social media has gone a notch higher where the new sckul as they call it took the central stage.

Some of the photos that raised an alert of concern to the public, made the whole social media set into a roar of discontent.
This has made many of the Kenyan leaders to react to the same. Mwalimu Dida, the presidential candidate had this to say,

Mwalimu Dida is one of the many kenyans who are saddened byy the outragious act of the yoths who are the leaders of tomorrow making many to wonder what leadership will they offer if the induldge in such acts.
Director Spikes also had this to say,

Lets look into some of the pictures that went viral on the #Ifikiewazazi TREND:

That is the YOUTHFUL life our youths live in. Guide your son, daughter, children well.


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great piece, now it's time to instill morals into our young generation.

Elvis Dzengo
13 April 2018 at 20:19 delete

We can all play a role in the society. Enlighten a maximum of five youths everyday and the society will be a better place to live in.