Monday, 23 April 2018


"Uko mbali na MASOGANGE, njoo utulize moyo wangu eeeh" The Masogange video VIXEN dies of Pneumonia.

The video vixen who was featured by Belle 9 in his single dubbed MASOGANGE was laid to rest on Saturday after suffering low blood pressure and Pneumonia together.
Agnes Gerald popularly known as Masogange was known by many not only her business wits but also for her curvy body that was so tantalizing to see leave alone to touch.
Belle9 featured her in the video something that gave the vixen a milestone and the video was boom to the African market.
Being a vixen, she indulged in other businesses too something that earned her some trips in and out of Africa.

She was involved in controversial businesses that made her to be locked in jail several times.On July 5 2013, Masogange was arrested in South Africa alongside one Mellisa Edward while trying to smuggle 180 Kgs of Ephedrine into the country. Ephedrine is an ingredient in manufacturing the drug Methampetamine (Meth). After spending two months in prison she was fined about Sh1.2 million for her offence.
On April 3rd 2017, On April 3rd, Masogange was sentenced to three years in jail or a fine of Sh6 Million after she was found guilty of drugs and substance abuse.

Alikiba snubs Diamond Platnumz handshake and offers a wrist instead in Agnes Masoganges burial.

Have the two sorted out there differences at last? If yes why did Alikiba offer a wrist instead?

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